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We believe that the only way to build the perfect system for you, is for us to design it based around your listening space and your favourite music.

We will come to your home, check out your listening space, discuss your budget, your plans for system placement and talk about your favourite music. The next step is for us to bring a system to your home, set it up and demonstrate it to you, in your space, with your music. We’ll also bring different options for you to consider.

As you can imagine, this is a time-consuming process, and we do charge for this service. For home consultations and demonstrations, we charge $250 per hour, per visit. This will be credited to any purchase you make above the value of the time spent on-site.

We’re not going to try and sell you on a system that isn’t suitable for you, or your room. You might have a budget of $250,000 for a pair of loudspeakers but if a pair priced at $25,000 will work better in your space, then that's what we would recommend. Just because some equipment is more expensive, doesn’t necessarily make it better. 

Our aim is for you to be ecstatic with your system.