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Based in Studio City, serving the Valley, Hollywood Hills and the wider Los Angeles area, we are former BBC engineers with a combined experience of more than 60 years. We still work in the industry, providing operational advice, design services, guidance and training to broadcasters and studios across the United States and around the World.

We only offer products that we believe in and have used both professionally and in our own homes.

Featured Products

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The fantastic NDX 2 Network Music Player
The perfect combination to get you started on the Naim path. The fantastic NDX 2 Network Music Player and the powerful Supernait 3 Integrated Amplifier. Both upgradable!
The Everest 8000 by Shunyata
Shunyata Research make the best power conditioners, Power Cables and digital streaming cables Period. We only stock Shunyata products because we don’t think they can be bettered. This is not snake oil. You are not getting the best out of your system without using one of Shunyata Researches Power Conditioners. It’s an essential component of your system.
Graham Audio monitor speakers
Graham Audio manufacture monitor loudspeakers designed and licensed by the BBC. We have a long history with these monitors as we have used these BBC designs throughout our audio engineering careers. They quite simply get you as accurate a representation of what was recorded as you can get.
Harbeth Monitors
Harbeth manufacture loudspeakers based on the designs of the BBC’s Research and Development Department. They are a modern take on the original monitors used in BBC Studios. Every pair of Harbeth loudspeakers will give you a lifetime of blissful performance.
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